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Wonder Woman's physical gifts are some of the most powerful in DC, but she has also been through many changes in the comic books and big screen.


Gal Gadot may have had to step up her training to play Wonder Woman, but her lead stunt double Caitlin Dechelle was already an impressive athlete. She was a competitive martial artist for 16 years, during which time she won 90 world titles.

She earned a black belt in Chinese Kenpo, Japanese Goju Ryu, and Taekwondo. Because of her intense martial arts background, she was perfect to step in for Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman's stunt-heavy fight scenes.

Dechelle was excited to have a part in bringing Wonder Woman to life. She remarked, "I was trained to be like the boys, if not better. People say that men can do it better, but that's not true. This film portrays that."

Dechelle has committed to maintaining her athletic physique even when she's called to set, making sure she still fits in time at the gym before her long days on call as a stunt double.

Decelle commented on some of the stunts for the movie, "One of my favorite stunts in the film is a slow motion kick when Diana is in the tower with Ludendorff. That was a fun one to do! ... I've definitely had some serious bruises and my body has been completely exhausted—but thankfully that's about it. Working on one of the slides in Wonder Woman I had a 12-inch bruise on my thigh!"


Stunt double Caitlin Dechelle on 'Wonder Woman' and her real-life superpowers

Caitlin Dechelle has black belts in three martial arts disciplines and doubles Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman.

Caitlin Dechelle has black belts in three martial arts disciplines and doubles Gal Gadot in "Wonder Woman."

Caitlin Dechelle fights for a living.

She doesn't suit up and step into the Octagon, or put on gloves and get into a ring. She slides on shields, thrusts people off towers and wields swords. As the lead stunt woman for the Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment's Justice League film "Wonder Woman," which comes out on Friday, Dechelle may qualify as a real-life superhero herself.

Behind Gal Gadot's portrayal of Diana Prince -- the Amazonian warrior who is also Wonder Woman -- is Dechelle. She's punching, kicking and, yes, leaping through the air. She doubles Gadot and was selected specifically for her fighting proficiency.

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"Fighting is my thing and what I'm hired for 99 percent of the time," Dechelle, 26, said in a phone interview.

For the Patty Jenkins-directed "Wonder Woman" film, Dechelle spent eight months (seven in London, and one in Italy) on location shooting, which gave her plenty of time to get to know the woman she was doubling.

Dechelle had nothing but kind things to say about Gadot, who certainly held her own regarding action scenes and fitness. When their shooting overlapped, Dechelle stood off-camera, coaching Gadot through footwork and her portion of the stunts. "She picked up quite well," Dechelle said. "Obviously, anytime you do something you've never done, it's tough, but [Gadot] had such a willingness to learn and was always upbeat."

Dechelle has been honing her superpowers since she was 6 years old, which is when she started taking martial arts. Her two decades of training have led her to black belts in three disciplines: Chinese Kenpo, Japanese Goju-Ryu and taekwondo. All of which proved quite helpful for many of her film projects.

"I was trained to be like the boys, if not better," Dechelle said. "People say that men can do it better, but that's not true. This film portrays that."

However, pro fighting didn't seem like a long-term career option. After high school, Dechelle enrolled at the University of Central Florida as a biology major with the goal of becoming an orthodontist. At the time, she was still participating in martial arts competitions but knew that that road would eventually end. But she wasn't quite ready to hang it up. 

"I loved school and was always a straight-A student," Dechelle said. "But martial arts had been my life, so I wanted to somehow transfer that from the competing world into the [entertainment] industry -- still doing what I love, just in a different fashion."

Dechelle spent nearly 20 years training in several martial arts before pursuing a career in Hollywood.

Dechelle spent nearly 20 years training in several martial arts before pursuing a career in Hollywood.

However, applying martial arts to stunts is a bit different than competing. Dechelle's stylistic background was in disciplines that preferred straight punches and clean lines.

"I had to learn how to 'dirty up' my fighting," she said.

And, there's a camera. Shooting a fight scene requires an extreme attention to detail that is not always at the forefront of athletic competition. Moving a hand a half-inch might not matter in traditional sparring, but it does on film. Additionally, the actors and stunt performers have to understand camera angles so that the illusion of a strike is present.

"Everyone thinks we're hitting each other, but we're not," she said. "We make sure we're not hitting the actor in the face."

Dechelle's first gig was a David LaChapelle-directed Comcast commercial in 2010, in which she served as the principal martial artist. After that, her career started exploding. She did stunt work for the Jackie Chan-directed 2012 film "Chinese Zodiac" and even worked as Ronda Rousey's stunt double in the "Fast & Furious 7" in 2015.

With her career on the upswing, Dechelle practically lives in the gym. Even when she's working, Dechelle typically arrives on set before her rehearsal call time to fit in 30 minutes of cardio. After rehearsal, she works outs with a trainer for about 90 minutes to two hours. Afterward, she might add a round of weights.

Dechelle also enjoys instructing. She started teaching martial arts when she was 16 and still conducts private lessons and seminars. She thinks about her students when considering the importance of "Wonder Woman" and the imagery of female superheroes. It's not just about how good Dechelle personally is with a sword. It's the impact her work has on the viewers. 

"Having such strong women attached [to] this [film], I just think it's going to be fantastic."

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There aren’t many things hotter than a woman who kicks some serious ass, and that’s exactly why we all love female action heroes so much. From Wonder Woman to Princess Leia, there’s an endless list of sexy onscreen characters who do crazy moves that make us all want to take up MMA. But here’s the thing…most actresses don’t actually do the moves themselves. Instead, they call in for backup, and by backup I mean stunt doubles.

Stunt doubles get little to no recognition, but the moves they do are risky and without them, films would be such a bore. Essentially, these people do the dirty work while the A-listers take all the credit. But hell, stunt doubles know exactly what they’re getting themselves into. They don’t do it for the fame, but instead do it because they love executing these intricate moves.

From simple back-flips to outrageous stunt driving, actresses playing female action heroes have women stepping in to perform these riskier moves. And you know why you don’t realize your favorite hot ladies have been replaced on film? Because their stunt doubles are just as smokin’ as they are. Zoe Saldana? Jennifer Lawrence? Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? Yup, they all have stunt doubles step in for them.

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If you think Ronda Rousey is badass, you should get to know her stunt double from Furious 7, Caitlin Dechelle. This World Champion Martial Artist (and I’m not talking about Rousey!) was born and raised in Miami, FL. At age 13, she began working with Mike Chat (the Blue Power Ranger) and was personally called for by Jackie Chan to costar with him in Chinese Zodiac. A quick look through her gallery photos on her website, and you’d legitimately think she was BFFs with Jackie Chan. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, she also stunt doubled for Gigi Hadid in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video, which won the 2015 VMA Video of the Year!


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